ГАЗ 31029 Волга — реклама

23 комментариев к “ГАЗ 31029 Волга — реклама

  1. DTS12250

    @bonskiiTV мыльницы с самым уродским дизайном… Вот Крайслер Конкорд ’98 —
    это красавица!.. P.S. I am Ukrainian and my Dream is GAZ-3105 — In world
    there only 50(!) cars! (cost $40000-45000) ww w. bibika. ru / photo/w/09
    /04/26/w642492 /42d7866dff6a3ae6cd. jpg (delete space)

  2. MacLaud343

    Каловая реклама. Но автомобиль по сравнению с Lada получше. Autovaz2104 )))
    мне тебя жаль, имея возможность взять BMW ездишь на АвтоТАЗе

  3. bonskiiTV

    @GnollGiocherellone I’m Russian, my dream is Ferrari and Maserati. 🙂

  4. GetToHellOut

    wiggums1 lol, you rented GAZ 24, its old 1970 soviet car!

  5. DeLorean4

    LOL! If only there was a Swedish police officer to stop 1994 Honda drivers
    from overtaking me!

  6. Bystroletov

    Я в восторге. Примено так я себе это и представлял.

  7. novoprospekt1

    Lada its a shit : ) Volga GAZ — real awesome car

  8. jasiuss

    Nu davolna pozornaja reklama mozhna skazat

  9. DL24StaS

    I had such a car. Actually, drove it as taxicab. But my 31029 was ash grey.
    Lot of room, lot of metal, and unfortunately total lack of rustproof.
    Guzzled gas like a bomber, but without problems carried six adults and full
    trunk of cargo… Yeah, it’s a Russian car for Russian roads, indeed, just
    as they say…

  10. DTS12250

    @coverchenko Allow me to offer: KILL YOURSELF!

  11. TVCarCommercials

    VOLGAS is for badasses. Hondas are just for pimps.

  12. AG Productions

    Say your car model plizzzz

  13. bonskiiTV

    @GnollGiocherellone You know, i have an Alfa Romeo 156 SW 2.5 actually. It
    is really great car, and it is very utility. And it was my dream until i
    have bought it. I really think that you guys do the best vehicles in the
    entire world. Italian cars are alive and they have their souls. I like
    Lancia also, but Alfa Romeo is very special for me. And I am very happy
    that I have an Alfa. 🙂

  14. Sergei Shnitco

    Now only FSB officers ride it))

  15. volgovod1

    @Autovaz2104 Что, устали не меринах кататься.

  16. руслан айларов

    машина класс у меня такая для наших дорог вообще не прихотливая

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